Exhibition and lectures in Botanical Garden “Rice and rice straw in the Japanese culture”

Rice is “the daily bread” for the Japanese. Since the country’s begiining the amount of owned koku of rice (koku – unit used to measure crops used in Japan) was a measure of political force and wealth. Even the Samurai received their payment in koku of rice.

We sincerely invite you to the exhibition “Rice and rice straw in the Japanese culture”, which will be available in Lodz Botanical Garden on 17-18.02.2018.

Among the exhibits you will find kimonos, obi belts, traditional accessories, but most importantly artifacts made of rice straw: winter clothing, baskets, common everyday objects and decorations. At the exhibition you can also visit a tea ceremony corner and attend a tea ceremony during the weekend.

Below you’ll find the plan for lectures:

Saturday 17. 02. 2018 (time 11:00-17:00)

  1. ,, Rice straw in the Japanese culture ,, – Masakatsu Yoshida / introduction to the exhibition /
  2. ,, Everything you want to know about the Fuji Mountain ,, – Aleksandra Jurkowska
  3. ,, Everything you want to know about SUMO,, – Aleksandra Arominiak
  4. ,, Pilgrimage of the Seven Gods ,, – Maja Borysławska
  5. ,, Sumi-e as an element of the Zen philosophy ,, – Dominika Jastrząbek
  6. ,, Student life in Tokio and the journey to Kamakura ,, – Dominika Cudzich
  7. ,, A year long adventure in Japan ,, – Damian Śmiechowicz
  8. ,, Japan Natural Heritage listed by UNESCO,, – Dominika Jaruszowiec
  9. ,, Japanese colourful woodprints – lecture and presentation ,, – Tomasz Kawełczyk

Sunday 18. 02. 2018 (time 11:00-17:00)

  1. ,, My student life in Japan ,, – Julia Jędrzejczak
  2. ,, Historical objects related to the industrial revolution in Japan listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list ,, – Marta Lenckowska
  3. ,, Cultural Heritage listed by UNESCO,, – Eliza Brożyna cz. I i Marta Kubiak cz. II
  4. ,,Student life in Osaka ,, – Żaneta Kamińska
  5. ,, Student life in Nagoi,, – Tomasz Brudkowski
  6. ,, The royal family,, – Sylwia Łagnowska
  7. ,, The Osaka castle– okres Sengoku ,, – Grzegorz Biały
  8. ,, Ghibli studio and museum ,, – Magdalena Grzegorczyk
  9. ,, Ikebana – a show/presentation ,, – Momoe Hamada

Japanese Culture Days 2017!

This year the Japanese Culture Days will take place on 5-9.12.2017 in Muzeum Archeologiczne i Etnograficze in Łódź, Pl. Wolności 4. Below you’ll find a detailed plan of the event. We sincerely invite you to join us!

Suibokuga class

On 20.10.2017 there will be a Suibokuga class.

Kurs języka japońskiego

Those of you who are interested in joining our Japanese course are invited to the first meeting which will take place on Thursday 19.10.2017 at 17:20 in Gmach Biotechnologii, ul. Stefanowskiego 4/10.
Primary school and gymnasium pupils – 400 zł per semester / 700 zł if paid for the entire year
Secondary school pupils – 450 zł per semester / 800 zł if paid for the entire year
Students – 500 zł per semester / 900 zł if paid for the entire year
Adults – 550 zł per semester / 1000 zł if paid for the entire year

Updated programme of the 37th Japanese Culture Days

In the post below you’ll find the updated programme of the event.

Suibokuga course – ink painting

On 21 October starts a new edition of our suibokuga (Japanese ink painting) course. The classes will take plase in Muzeum Archeologiczne i Etnograficzne w Łodzi, pl. Wolności 14 at 16:00 – 17:30. All materials are provided by OJiKJ. You’re welcome to join us!

We invite you to the 37th Japanese Culture Days!

We sincerely invite you to join the 37th Japanese Culture Day, which will take place on 15-19 November 2016. You’ll find the detailed programme below:

Tuesday,15 XI 2016

17:00 – Inaugurtation of the Japanese Culture Days

17:30 – “Edo history – Tokio” – Masakatsu Yoshida

18:30 – “The lover of life” – introduction to the movie – Masakatsu Yoshida

18:45 – “Tora san 1 – the life of a man is full of concern” – a movie by Yoji Yamada

Wednesday, 16 XI 2016

17:00 – “Asakusa – the Edo castle, now the Emperor’s Palace” – Sebastian Markowiak

18:00 – “Japanese Savoir vivre” – a guest from Japan

18:30 – “Tora san 2 – a sentimental journey” – a movie by Yoji Yamada

Thursday, 17 XI 2016

17:00 – “Akihabara, Shinjuku i Kamakura” – Dominka Cudzich

18:00 – “How to travel cheaply in Japan” – Maciej Taberu

19:00 – “Tora san 3 – the proposal” – movie by Yoji Yamada

Friday, 18 XI 2016

17:00 – “The olympic games – Tokio 2020” – Jakub Pięta

18:00 – “Tora san 4 – hang on Torajiro” – movie by Yoji Yamada

Saturday,19 XI 2016

11:00 – “My Japanese adventure” – Klaudia Węcławowicz

12:00 – workshops: calligraphy, ink painting, orgiami for kids.

Games, a contest of knowledge about Japan.

13:00 – Closing of the Japanese Culture Days.

New Japanese language course

We will soon start a new Japanese langauage course organised by Ośrodek Języka i Kultury Japonii im. prof. Ryochu Umedy w Łodzi.
The first meeting will take place on 13.10.2016, 17:15, Room S1 at the Technical University of Lodz, Biotechnology Department, Stefanowskiego Street 4/10.
Fee for one semester is:
– adults – 500 zł
– school pupils, students – 450 zł
Lectures will take place every Thursday. They are run solely by Japanese native speakers. We make sure the groups are small to facilitate faster learning. Many participants of our courses take part in Japanese language exams and obtain official certificates which allow them to get consecutive kyu. Exams are organised by the Embassy of Japan and the Japanses Foundation. Additionally the participants may enroll to the annual Japanese Language Oratorical Meeting organised by Ośrodek Języka i Kultury Japonii w Łodzi.
If you have any questions, please contact us by phone: 509 146 053.

Japanese Language Oratorical Meeting 2016

2nd Oratorical Meeting took place on 5.06.2016 in Muzeum Archeologiczne i Etnograficzne w Łodzi.
The Organisers werr: Ośrodek Języka i Kultury Japonii im. Ryochu Umedy W Łodzi, Muzeum Archeologiczne i Etnograficzne w Łodzi, Uniwersytet Łódzki, Wyższa Szkoła Studiów Międzynarodowych w Łodzi, II LO w Łodzi.
There were 52 participants, including students from Uniwersytet Łódzki, Politechnika Łódzka, Wyższa Szkoła Studiów Międzynarodowych w Łodzi as well as pupils from II LO w Łodzi and the Japanese Language Course organised by Ośrodek Języka i Kultury Japonii im. prof. Ryochu Umedy w Łodzi.
The awards were funded by: Muzeum Archeologiczne i Etnograficzne w Łodzi, Ambasada Japonii w Polsce, Ośrodek Języka i kultury Japonii w Łodzi, Towarzystwo Japonia- Polska Kansai z Osaka and private persons.
The awards went to:
Award of Muzeum Archeologiczne i Etnograficzne w Łodzi – Michał Klimczak
Award of Towarzystwa Japonia – Polska Kansai – Michał Ciesielski
Award for Best Expressive Speech – Małgorzata Opłatek
Award for Best Pronounciation – Julia Jędrzejczak
Award for Best Grammar – Artur Libich
Award for the Most Original Text – Paulina Urbanek
Award for Engagement – Klaudia Więcławowicz
All participants received diplommas and prizes.
On behalf of the Japanese language specialists, Japanese lectors, lecturers of Uniwersytet Jagielloński w Krakowie and our Japanese guests we sincerely thank the organizations and persons who funded the awards.

Spotkania z wybitną znawczynią mody i tkaniny artystycznej – Profesor Hiroko Watanabe

We’ve just received news about a very interesting event – we invite you to join the upcoming meetings with a widely recognised and outstanding expert in fashion and artistic textiles. More details below:

1st June 2016.
 Aula Centrum Promocji Mody (next to ASP)
ul.Wojska Polskiego 121 Łódź
Lectures by Professor Hiroko Watanabe:

10:30-11:30 – „Education concerning artistic weaving and designing textiles in the artistic universities in Japan” followed by a presentation of students’ works.

10 minute break

11:40-12:40 – Creators of artistic textiles in Japan and their works – based on the FIBER FUTURES Exhibition – Japan’s Textile Pioneers.