Cookie Policy

  • Website users’ data will not be transfered or sold to any comany or third party.
  • Data provided by the website users will only be used for communication purposes.
  • Irrespectively of the personal data provided during communication, the website owner may use technologies which enable collection of certain kinds of technical information such as IP address, browser type or operational system used.
  • The website saves cookies on the user computer which are used to store  information for functional purposes – storing the browsing preferences. The aim of this is to make browsing the website easier upon the next visit. The user decides which cookie files and how will be saved via the internet browser settings (commonly used: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari). By default the browsers settings allow saving cookie files of the website
  • The owner of the website as well as the parties servicing the website are gathering statistical information on the visits on the website
  • This policy does not infringe the mandatory requirements of form of the law, especially these concerning competition and customer protection. In case of any discrepancies between the policy and the mandatory requirements of form of the law in place of the parts of the policy in question, the requirements of form of the law shall apply while the remaining parts of the policy remain in force.