Japanese Days in the Botanical Garden!

We sincerely invite you to the “Japanese Culture” exhibition in the Botanical Garden in Lodz, ul.Retkińska 39. It will take place on 29-31.01.2016. Etntrance is free.

This year there will be a special event – concert by Anna Krzysztofiak from Filharmonia Łódzka and a show of Japanese musical instruments. You will also have an opportunity to see a Japanese garden and decorations related to the motive of the child in a Japanese family. There will also be lectures and workshops.

30.01.2016      (Saturday)
11.00 – 14.45 – lectures on Japanese culture:
•    The traditional Japanese family – Klaudia Sękowska
•    The position of a woman-mother in the modern Japanese society – Patryk Kujawiński
•    Education in Japan – Sylwia Łagnowska
•    The art of pleasant time passing – Anna Wojda
•    In the world of Japanese music – Anna Krysztofiak
15.00 – 15.45  – Japanese music concert by Anna Krysztofiak
16.00 – 17.00- lectures on Japanese culture:
•    Playing with snow – Sachi Kido
•    Students in Osaka – Yuske Ichikano
•    My town and my family – Aiko Tsujino
•    Cultural relations between Japane and Vietnam – DAO Tuyet Thao
16.00 – 17.00  – workshops:

– winter origami for kids – Barbara i i Izumi Yoshida

– Japanese calligraphy – Masakatsu Yoshida oraz wolontariusze z Japonii

– the Tea Ceremony – Shinko Kiryu, Masakatsu Yoshida

31.01.2016      (Sunday)
11.00 – 14.30 – lectures on Japanese culture:
•    A new lifestyle – Sara Bednarska
•    The city – a place for children and the elderly – Daria Karbowiak
•    Kids day and the festival of the dolls – girls’ festival – Magda Jakóbczyk
•    Schichi – go –san /seven, five, three/ and seijin no hi  – the festival od children and adults – Beata Milczarek
•    In the world of Japanese music – Anna Krysztofiak
15.00 – 15.45 – Japanese music concert by Anna Krysztofiak
16.00 – 17.00 – lectures on Japanese culture:
•    Obento – the second breakfast, a popular Japanese meal – Dominika Gałęza
•    Dialects in Osaka – Kenji Miura
•    Tokio, the most popular city of a Japanese family – Chiharu Tomishige
•    The only tram in Tokio – Akane Taguchi
•    The primary school in Japan – Mariko Hodaiji
16.00 – 17.00  – workshops:

– winter origami for kids – Barbara i i Izumi Yoshida

– Japanese calligraphy – Masakatsu Yoshida oraz wolontariusze z Japonii

– the Tea Ceremony – Shinko Kiryu, Masakatsu Yoshida

OJiKJ members organizational meeting before the Japanese Culture Days 2015!

On 30.10.2015 at 15:00 there will be an organizational meeting for OJiKJ members. We will discuss topics related to this year’s Japanese Culture Days. Thank you for your presence.

Japanese Culture Days 2015!

This year’s Japanese Culture Days organised by OJiKJ will take place on 3-7.11.2015. We sincerely invite you to join us during the event!

Below you will find the detailed schedule.

Turesday 3.11.2015
17: 00 –  Inauguration of the 36th Japanese Culture Days
17: 20 – “The Inspiring Demon: Kihachiro Kawamotoin the world of dolls and mythology” – Izumi Yoshida
18: 00 – A hundred years of Japanese cinematography –  movie by Nagisa Oshima
19: 00 – exhibition opening

Wednesday 4.11.2015

17: 00 – „ Jidaigeki and chanbara – Japanese movies inspired by history” – Magda Jakóbczyk
17: 45 – „Rudobrody” – movie by Akira Kurosawa

Thurday 5.11.2015

17: 00 – „Japanese horror – what are the Japanese afraid of?” – Beata Milczarek
17: 45 – „Rashomon” – movie by Akira Kurosawa.

Friday 6.11.2015

17: 00 – „History of Japanese animation” – Dominika Gałęza
17: 45 – „Ran” – movie by Akira Kurosawa

Saturday 7.11.2015
12: 00 – „Ponio” – children’s movie by Hayao Miyazaki
13: 45 – attractions for kids – origami, Japanese calligraphy, traditional Japanese songs and games, competition (check your knowledge about Japan).

Accompanying events:
11.11.2015 – Tea Ceremony – by Shinko KIRYU, Yayoi KINUGAWA, Junichi KINUGAWA – in Muzeum Archeologiczne i Etnograficzne w Łodzi
16 – 30.11.2015 – „The Japanese Doll” – in Biblioteka Śródmiejska, ul. A. Struga 14

Japanese language course at the Technical University of Lodz!

The first meeting regarding the Japanese language course organised by Ośrodek Języka i Kultury Japonii im. prof. Ryochu Umedy w Łodzi will take place on 8th October 2015 at  17:00 in Room nr 1,2, or 3 at the Wydział Biotechnologii Politechniki Łódzkiej, ul. Stefanowskiego 4/10. Rooms are located on the 1st floor.
The cost of the course will be presented during the meeting. Yearly fee will not exceed 1500 zł.

Photorelations from recent events related to Japanese culture!

We are proud to present to you a number of photorelations from recent events organised by OJiKJ:

1. Night of the Museums 16.05.2015

This year’s event was very popular with visitors – see the photos in our gallery.

2. Japanese Day for kids at Miejska Biblioteka Śródmiejska in Lodz

During the meeting, children could get to know a number of Japanese fairy tales, they had an opportunity to try origami and traditional Japanese painting. All kids were very active during the event and they asked a lot of great questions.

You can see the photos in our gallery.

3. Kwansai Gakuin Univrsity students visit at Lodz University 7-9.06.2015

Japanese students prepared a presentation for the Japanese-Polish Seminat at Lodz University. UŁ students talked about different aspects of studying in Poland. At the end of the Seminar, the participants exchanged gift packages with sweets. The Japanese students’ supervisor was Professor Kazuo Fujii from Kwansai Gakuin University in Osaka. The Polish participants’s supervisior was Mr Masakatsu Yoshida.
You’ll find the photos here.

4. Japanese Day for kids in Przedszkole Nr 55 in Lodz 10.06.2015

The meeting was organised as a part of “Japanese Culture” event prepared by the children themselves. They made an art exhibition, presented a traditional Japanese dance show. There were also games, Japanese fairy tales and origami. At the end of the event Mr Masakatsu Yoshida showed the kids how to dress in a Japanese kimono and the children looked amazing in their colourful attires – it was definitely their favourite part of the meeting.
The photos are here.

5. Japanese Language Oratorical Meeting 20.06.2015

The first Japanese Language Oratorical Meeting was held in Muzeum Archeologiczne i Etnograficzne in Lodz. The Japanese Embassy held the honourary patronage over the event. The Jury consisted of: Misato Tarui Japanese language teacher from II LO w Łodzi, Piotr Suszycki from Polska Izba Gospodarcza in Japan,Toshiaki Tada Japanese language teacher from Politechnika Łódzka, Teruo Matsuura lJapanese language teacher from Uniwersytet Rzeszowski, Shinko Kiryu Japanese language teacher from Uniwersytet Śląski in Sosnowiec, Yui Iwata Japanese language teacher from Wyższa Szkoła Studiów Międzynarodowych in Lodz

There were almost 50 participants. There were a number of different prizes to be won, such as “Best Grammar”, “Most Original Speech”, “Best Expression”, etc. All prizes wer founded by the Japanese Embassy.

The photos are in our gallery.

6. Kyudo training season end 22.06.2015

The last ceremonial archery training was a great event. Trainers and trainees will meet again after the summer holidays. We are happy to tell you that the archery group is getting bigger. You’ll find the pictures in our gallery.

7. Japanese Language Course Graduation Day 26.06.2015

Finally, the academic year drew to and end. It was time to finish this year’s Japanese language course organised by Ośrodek Języka i Kultury Japonii im. prof. Ryochu Umedy at Politechnika Łódzka in Biotechnology Building ul. Stefanowskiego 4/10. See you next year! You’ll find the photos from the event in our gallery.

8. First Japanese Calligraphy Festival 27.06.2015

The first edition of the Japanese Calligraphy Festival organised by Ośrodek Języka i Kultury Japonii im. prof. Ryochu Umedy at Muzeum Archeologiczne i Etnograficzne in Lodz, pl. Wolności 14. It was coordinated by Mrs Shyunkou Nozaki, a Japanese calligraphy master from Japan. There were 20 participants in total: students of Uniwersytet Łódzk and Wyższa Szkoła Studiów Międzynarodowych, listeners of Uniewersytet III Wieku and OJiKJ members. Their works will be sent to Międzynarodowy Festiwal Kaligrafii Japońskiej inYokohama.

You’ll find the photos in our gallery.

The first Japanese Language Oratorical Meeting in Lodz!

The first meeting for pupils, students and participants of Japanese language courses is organised in order to show the actual effects of education. It will take place on 20.06.2015 (Saturday) at 13:00 in Muzeum Archeologiczne i Etnograficzne w Łodzi , Sala Audiowizualna. Even though the application deadline expired in May, we still encourage you to come as a spectator and listen to the participants. Each speech will be max. 3 minutes long, the subject selection is up to the participants. The best performers will be awarded the titiles of “Outstanding Orator”, “Best pronounciation”, “Best grammar”, etc. Every participant will receive an original Japanese diploma and a prize.

Japanese woodcuts – workshops in ASP in Lodz!

On 22.06.2015 at 15:00 you’ll have a unique opportunity to participate in traditional Japanese woodcut workshops in Akademia Sztuk Pięknych in Lodz, ul. Wojska Polskiego 121, room 104, 1st floor, Pavilion B. Woodcuts are often the first thing that comes to one’s mind when thinking about Japanese art. Works by artists such as Hokusai depict both everyday life of Japanese people and very special events or famous persons such as sumo fighters or theatre performers.

Japanese Days 2015 in the Botanical Garden in Lodz!

This year’s Japanese Days in the Botanical Garden in Lodz will take place on 21-22.02.2015. Below you’ll find the initial plan for the event (minor changes are still possible, we’ll keep you informed).

Saturday 21.02:
1. Travelling around Japan – by what means and how much it costs?  – Beata Milczarek
2. Most popular tourist attractions in Japan – Daria Karbowiak
3. Japanese language and its dialects – Magda Jakóbczyk
4. Japanese regional cuisine – Sara Bednarska
5. Japanese festivals not to be missed – Małgorzata Klamra

Sunday 22.02:
1. Myths and legends as inspirations for Japanese horrors / Izumi Yoshida
2. My stay in Japan: the life of a student in Japan – Kansai i Kantou – Malwina Mrówka and Emilia Widera
3. My city: Edo and Tokio – Shinko KIRYUU
4. My city: Shizuoka and the Fuji Mountain – Misato TARUI
5. My city: Nagoya – Yui IWATA
6. My city: Minato i Kobe – Sachi KIDO


1. Origami – Masakatsu Yoshida, Misato Tarui, Yui Iwata, Sachi Kido, Shinko Kiryu
2. Japanese Calligraphy – Masakatsu Yoshida
3. Japanese gardens in miniature: bonkei – Izumi Yoshida
4. Ayatori – traditional games with a string – Izumi Yoshida
5. Chanoyu – tea ceremony (including degustation) – Shinko Kiryu
We sincerely invite you to join the event!

37. Łódzkie Spotkania Teatralne – performance by Ritsuko Takahashi!

We sincerely invite you to see the brilliant performance by a Japanese BUTO artist – Ritsuko Takahashi. The performance is a part of 37. Łódzkie Spotkania Teatralne. You’ll find the details below:
Ritsuko Takahashi
“Historie d – R – “
when: 7 December 2014 r. at 18:00
where: Sala Kolumnowa Łódzkiego Domu Kultury, ul. Traugutta 18
Entrance Free.

Japanese Culture Days 2014 – schedule!

This  year’s Japanese Culture Days will take place between 18-23.11.2014 in Muzeum Archeologiczne i Etnograficzne in Lodz, Pl. Wolności. We’re happy to announce that the schedule for the event is set. We’re sure you will find many interesting attractions.

You can find the schedule below:


Tuesday 18.11:
17:00 Inauguration, speeches by our Guests
17:30 Japanese & Polish songs concert – „Echo” Choire directed by Ewelina Bien
18:10 “MEIJISEIFU – the role of samurai in the country’s modernization era”- Malwina Mrówka
19:10 Film fab.”Ostatni Samuraj” Edward Zwick 2003 154min.

Wednesday 19.11:
17:00 “BUNMEIKAIKA – Creation of the modern country and impact of the West” – Piotr Grzelak, KlaudiaZawadzka
18:10 “RYOUSAIKENBO – ideal of the woman in Meiji period” – Emilia Widera
19:10 Movie: “Testament do jutora” – Takashi Koizumi 2008, 110min.


Thursday 20.11:
17:00 ”GENBUNICCHI – literature of the Meiji period – part I” – Dalia Karbowiak
18:10 “KENPOU HAPPU – Constitution and the Emperor’s position in the Meiji period; creation of the Japanese empire” – Sara Bednarska
19:10 Movie: “The Magic Hour” – Kouki Mitani 2008, 136min.


Friday 21.11:
17:00 “Theatre in the Meiji period” – Magda Jakobczyk
“II New style” – Magda Klamra
18:10 “SHINBUNGAKU – literature of the Meiji period – part II” – Dminika Galeza
19:10 Movie:”The lonely life of Samisenistza CHIKUZAN” – Kaneto Shindou 1977 124min.


Saturday 22.11:
13:00-15:00 workshops for children and parents: Origami, calligraphy, Suibokuga – ink painting, Japanese games – volunteer and student from Japan


Sunday 23.11: Japanse music concert; entrance free
15:30 entrance opens
16:00 concert start Sala koncertowa Akademii Muzycznej, ul.Zubardzka 2a
piano – Kosuke Ezaki, Sachie Kawabe, Aruto Matsumoto, Shoko Miyake, Arisa Nonomura, Tetsuro Togawa (Japan)
violin – Tomomi Ikawa (Japan)
Katarzyna Przybylska, Antoni Wierzbinski,Joanna Woszczyk-Garbacz, Ewelina Zawislak – Percussion Studio pdirected by  Piotr Pniak
recitation – Maria Mela
visual illustration – Małgorzata Wójcik
direction – Piotr Pniak, Urszula Bereznicka-Pniak
sekcja rytmiki, choreografia – Elzbieta Aleksandrowicz,Aneta Skrzypczak
Programme includes:
music by Jan Sebastian Bach, Fryderyk Chopin, Claude Debussy, Aruto Matsumoto, Piotr Perkowski, Marta Ptaszynska, Mikołaj Rimski-Korsakow, Karol Szymanowskiego, Koji Takeuchi, Henryk Wieniawski, Akio Yashiro.

We hope to see you all during the Japanese Culture Days!