Japanese Days 2015 in the Botanical Garden in Lodz!

This year’s Japanese Days in the Botanical Garden in Lodz will take place on 21-22.02.2015. Below you’ll find the initial plan for the event (minor changes are still possible, we’ll keep you informed).

Saturday 21.02:
1. Travelling around Japan – by what means and how much it costs?  – Beata Milczarek
2. Most popular tourist attractions in Japan – Daria Karbowiak
3. Japanese language and its dialects – Magda Jakóbczyk
4. Japanese regional cuisine – Sara Bednarska
5. Japanese festivals not to be missed – Małgorzata Klamra

Sunday 22.02:
1. Myths and legends as inspirations for Japanese horrors / Izumi Yoshida
2. My stay in Japan: the life of a student in Japan – Kansai i Kantou – Malwina Mrówka and Emilia Widera
3. My city: Edo and Tokio – Shinko KIRYUU
4. My city: Shizuoka and the Fuji Mountain – Misato TARUI
5. My city: Nagoya – Yui IWATA
6. My city: Minato i Kobe – Sachi KIDO


1. Origami – Masakatsu Yoshida, Misato Tarui, Yui Iwata, Sachi Kido, Shinko Kiryu
2. Japanese Calligraphy – Masakatsu Yoshida
3. Japanese gardens in miniature: bonkei – Izumi Yoshida
4. Ayatori – traditional games with a string – Izumi Yoshida
5. Chanoyu – tea ceremony (including degustation) – Shinko Kiryu
We sincerely invite you to join the event!