Japanese Culture Days 2012!

We’re happy to announce date of the upcoming Japanese Culture Days 2012. This year the event organiised by OJiKJ will take place between 14 – 17 November in Muzeum Archeologiczne i Etnograficzne in Łódź. The main theme will be TABU, which had a strong influence on the everyday lives of Japanese people. Through tabu the Japanese intended to preserve customs passed down from their ancestors. People from the western countries are often surprised to discover that in Japan tabu still functions with an equal force today as it did in past ages. Because of this Japanese ceremonies, beliefs and superstitions are to be respected. It is necessary to understand and abide by certain norms, which are deeply engraved in the mentality of the Japanese and which are one of the means of preserving the native culture.


We sincerely invite you to participate in the following lectures:

  1. Traditional folk beliefs
  2. Superstitions and mythology
  3. Possession and exorcisms
  4. Ghosts and demons
  5. Buddhist dolls and ceremonies
  6. Symbols in kakemono paintings

The above lectures will be connected with viewing of the following movies:

  • “Onmyoji” dir. Y.Takita,
  • “Sen” dir. A. Kurosawa
  • “Tabu” dir. N. Oshima
  • “Kobieta z supermarketu” dir. J.Itami
  • “Miod i koniczyna” dir. M. Tauda

There will also be a number of workshops to choose from:

  1. Kites building – symbols connected with kites and the ceremony of kite flying
  2. Chigiriye – paper works
  3. Origami – paper folding
  4. Suibokuga – traditional Japanese ink painting
  5. Calligraphy

All of the above events will take place in Muzeum Archeologiczne i Etnograficzne in Łódź
We also invite to you to see the Japanese dolls and other traditional artifacts from the collection of Mr. and Mrs. Babscy owners of ‘Villa Japonica” in Wisły.
The number and diversity of exhibits in this most unusual collection will be displayed in Poland for the very first time during the Japanese Culture Days 2012. The exhibition will be open for visitors between 14 – 30 November in the temporary exhibitions room on the 1st floor in Muzeum Archeologiczne i Etnograficzne in Łódź.