Japanese Culture Days

The way that one has to follow in order to get to know the traditional and modern image of Japan is very fascinating. The culture of Japan surprises us with its richness of form and beauty. The more we learn about Japan, the more we understand Japanese culture and its origins.

The Japanese have always been fully aware of how brittle life is and how inevitable passing is. They knew how to appreciate the changing landscapes, the beauty of nature and the passing seasons of the year.

In simplicity, not in splendour did they find the real beauty. In the smallest things they saw greatness. They saw the secrets of beauty in each and every discipline of life – in art, literature, poetry, architecture, clothing and even preparing meals.

During the “Japanese Culture Days” we give you a chance to learn about the traditional and modern image of Japan. You’ll have a good opportunity to get to know what do the realtionships between teacher and student look like, what is so characteristic about Japanese gardens and why is Japanese language so special. You will follow the curvy paths of traditional Japanese customs and ceremonies. You will also meet Japanese people who will tell you about current problems and achievements of modern Japan.