Photorelations from recent events related to Japanese culture!

We are proud to present to you a number of photorelations from recent events organised by OJiKJ:

1. Night of the Museums 16.05.2015

This year’s event was very popular with visitors – see the photos in our gallery.

2. Japanese Day for kids at Miejska Biblioteka Śródmiejska in Lodz

During the meeting, children could get to know a number of Japanese fairy tales, they had an opportunity to try origami and traditional Japanese painting. All kids were very active during the event and they asked a lot of great questions.

You can see the photos in our gallery.

3. Kwansai Gakuin Univrsity students visit at Lodz University 7-9.06.2015

Japanese students prepared a presentation for the Japanese-Polish Seminat at Lodz University. UŁ students talked about different aspects of studying in Poland. At the end of the Seminar, the participants exchanged gift packages with sweets. The Japanese students’ supervisor was Professor Kazuo Fujii from Kwansai Gakuin University in Osaka. The Polish participants’s supervisior was Mr Masakatsu Yoshida.
You’ll find the photos here.

4. Japanese Day for kids in Przedszkole Nr 55 in Lodz 10.06.2015

The meeting was organised as a part of “Japanese Culture” event prepared by the children themselves. They made an art exhibition, presented a traditional Japanese dance show. There were also games, Japanese fairy tales and origami. At the end of the event Mr Masakatsu Yoshida showed the kids how to dress in a Japanese kimono and the children looked amazing in their colourful attires – it was definitely their favourite part of the meeting.
The photos are here.

5. Japanese Language Oratorical Meeting 20.06.2015

The first Japanese Language Oratorical Meeting was held in Muzeum Archeologiczne i Etnograficzne in Lodz. The Japanese Embassy held the honourary patronage over the event. The Jury consisted of: Misato Tarui Japanese language teacher from II LO w Łodzi, Piotr Suszycki from Polska Izba Gospodarcza in Japan,Toshiaki Tada Japanese language teacher from Politechnika Łódzka, Teruo Matsuura lJapanese language teacher from Uniwersytet Rzeszowski, Shinko Kiryu Japanese language teacher from Uniwersytet Śląski in Sosnowiec, Yui Iwata Japanese language teacher from Wyższa Szkoła Studiów Międzynarodowych in Lodz

There were almost 50 participants. There were a number of different prizes to be won, such as “Best Grammar”, “Most Original Speech”, “Best Expression”, etc. All prizes wer founded by the Japanese Embassy.

The photos are in our gallery.

6. Kyudo training season end 22.06.2015

The last ceremonial archery training was a great event. Trainers and trainees will meet again after the summer holidays. We are happy to tell you that the archery group is getting bigger. You’ll find the pictures in our gallery.

7. Japanese Language Course Graduation Day 26.06.2015

Finally, the academic year drew to and end. It was time to finish this year’s Japanese language course organised by Ośrodek Języka i Kultury Japonii im. prof. Ryochu Umedy at Politechnika Łódzka in Biotechnology Building ul. Stefanowskiego 4/10. See you next year! You’ll find the photos from the event in our gallery.

8. First Japanese Calligraphy Festival 27.06.2015

The first edition of the Japanese Calligraphy Festival organised by Ośrodek Języka i Kultury Japonii im. prof. Ryochu Umedy at Muzeum Archeologiczne i Etnograficzne in Lodz, pl. Wolności 14. It was coordinated by Mrs Shyunkou Nozaki, a Japanese calligraphy master from Japan. There were 20 participants in total: students of Uniwersytet Łódzk and Wyższa Szkoła Studiów Międzynarodowych, listeners of Uniewersytet III Wieku and OJiKJ members. Their works will be sent to Międzynarodowy Festiwal Kaligrafii Japońskiej inYokohama.

You’ll find the photos in our gallery.