Our History


Ryochu Umeda’s Association of Japanese Language and Culture in Łódź was founded in 2006 by Masakatsu and Barbara Yoshida and inhabitants of Łódź interested in Japanese culture. The Association was named after Professor Ryochu Umeda, famous translator and popularize of polish and Japanese culture. Professor Umeda was one of the first lecturers of Japanese at University of Warsaw during early 20’s.

Most of Association’s initiatives concentrate around activity of its president Masakatsu Yoshida. Mr. Yoshida arrived in Poland in 1978 with a view to conducting research on reform of Polish education system. Fascination with our country convinced him to stay in Poland for good. Since that moment with support of his wife Barbara, Mr. Yoshida has been actively engaged in promotion of Japanese culture among inhabitants of Łódź and region. For many fears he was a member and a president of Polish-Japanese Association in Łódź. As a teacher Mr. Yoshida has organized classes of Japanese for Polish students and people living in Łódź. As members of Ryochu Umeda’s Association of Japanese Language and Culture Mr. and Mrs. Yoshida organize various initiatives that popularize Japanese culture to inhabitants of Łódź.

Since the establishment of Association of Japanese Language and Culture in Łódź our members have been actively involved in promoting various aspects of Japanese culture such as Japanese language, ink painting – suibokuga, ikebana, Japanese tea ceremony – chado, Japanese calligraphy, origami and manga. Every year in Museum of Archeology and Ethnography in Łódź our association organize Days of Japanese Culture during which people living in our region can develop their interest in Japan and its unique culture. In the cooperation with botanic gardens in Łódź each year we organize celebration of Japanese Spring during which people from Łódź are invited to visit various exhibitions and listen to interesting lectures about Japan.

Our association takes part in organization of various initiatives such as:

  • Classes of Japanese,
  • Evenings with Japanese cinema,
  • Performances of Japanese theater ,
  • Exhibitions of art and photography,
  • Exhibitions of Japanese traditional art,
  • Workshops of suibokuga, orgiami and caligraphy,
  • Classes of Japanese tea ceremony – chado,
  • Lectures and classes for students and All pe ople living in Łódź.

In our activity we try to develop cooperation with various institutions and cultural center in Poland and Japan.