Important changes in the schedule for the Japanese Days 2010!

This year the annual Japanese Culture Days festival takes place in November. Below we present the updated schedule. Please, pay attention to the changes for Thursday and Friday! Some minor changes may still occur. We will keep you informed.  All events will take place in Muzeum Archeologiczne i Etnograficzne in Lodz, pl. Wolności 14, unless stated otherwise.

Japanese Culture Days 2010 “The Japanese love Chopin”

Tuesday 16 XI

17:30 Inauguration
Introductory Speech by the Ambassador of Japan in Poland – Mr Yuichi Kusumoto

Presentation of the Award of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Mr Masakatsu Yoshida, Persident of OJiKJ
Concert of Chopin’s music and traditional Japanese songs – Aya GOKITA and Midori GOKITA
Opening of the Exhibition “The Japanese love Chopin”

Wednesday 17 XI

17:00 Bunraku theatre, differences and similarities to other theatrical forms – Ayako SEIKE
18:30 Movie

20:00 Shamisem music concert by Teishiro OKITSU

(‘Jazzga’ music club: Piotrkowska 17, Łódź). More information on Jazzga website.

Thursday 18 XI

17:00 Akitainu – everything you would like to know about the Japanese dog – lecture and presentation of the dogs – ks. dr Jan Pazgan (*the event was moved from Friday to Thursday )
18:30 Movie – “Tengoku no Honya” (“Niebiańska Czytelnia”) reż. Tetsuo Shinohara, 2004.

Friday 19 XI

17:00 A tale of shamisen – lecture and concert by Teishiro OKITSU (*the event was moved from Thursday to Friday)
19:00 Movie – “Okuribito” (“Pożegnania”) reż. Yojiro TAKITA, 2008.

Saturday 20 XI

11:00 Kokeshi dolls – workshops and presentation by Muzeum Lalki w Pilznie (participants will have an opportunity to make a doll out of clay and paint it with traditional Japanese patterns)
13:00 Tea ceremony – Yoko ASO
Chopin’s piano, origami – Masakatsu YOSHIDA and volunteers from Japan
Japanese animation – Izumi YOSHIDA
Let’s play with the Japanese- Tomoko SEKIGUCHI, Chie NAGASHIMA, Junka ITO, Mitsuko YOSHIZAKI, Ayako TSURUMAKI

Sunday 21 XI

15:00 Concert of Chopin’s music – Aya GOKITA
Concert of traditional Japanese songs – Midori GOKITA

The Japanese love Chopin – MAiE
Straw artifacts – Bibliteka Publiczna, ul. Struga 14
The beauty of Japan – Biblioteka Publiczna nr 9, ul. Tatrzańska 63